Facebook Wall Post for a CD

Get the CD in Exchange for a Facebook Post

Step 1: Add this link to your Facebook wall:

Here's the link to post on your wall:

Here's what it'll look like:

Step 1
Step 2: Get 5 or more of your friends to "like" your post
Once 5 or more friends have clicked the like option (you might want to send a few friends facebook emails) send a screen shot as outlined in Step 3.
Step 3:Email Us a picture of your Facebook post
To send a screen picture via email just press the PRTSCN button on your keyboard, then open an email, go to the body of the email and press CTRL+V to paste it in.
(30 Second How-To Video)

That's it! Once we get the screen picture of your post with 10 or more "Likes" we'll send you the CD!



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