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Main Screen

Context Menus

Good applications are simple and powerful. Access most of the features by right clicking the text. You'll get context-sensitive tools.

Tips: Right click a word to execute a quick search. Click a verse to get specific help on a verse.


Choose the View button to change the location of verse links. You can also turn on a transaction compare mode.


The fastest way to search the complete Bible is to use the main form's large search or the individual search bars. Each Bible will rememeber what you search for in a handy drop down.
Use the Advanced button to open up a more powerful search tool.


Use either the big tree of books and chapters on the left or the pickers on the top of each Bible to navigate.


To increase the size of text, change the theme of the entire application or change the font style, look to the bottom of the program. You'll be able to play around with the look and feel to best suite you.

Hover Verses

Move your mouse over a verse reference to see the text. There is no need to jump to a chapter to get the context.

Highlight Verses

Highlight the verses that matter to your topics and sermons. Organize by color which you can manage.

Pinning and Hiding Windows

Windows can be pinned and opened with corner controls on each window.

Quick Search

Quickly find phrases in the current Bible with the quick search on the toolbar.
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