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Mega Bible Commentaries

Huge resource pool

Resources: All incl.

23 of the most well respected commentaries on the Bible are included in this app along with 24 English Bibles. Search these great works and browse wise explanations of the teaching of the Bible. All texts are included, there is no need to download or pay for anything else. .

It made my Bible study much more productive. Being able to store notes and have the Bible read to me as I drive was a real nice bonus in the newest release.

Thomas Alderson

Mega Bibles

Massive Resources

Resources: All incl.

24 English Bibles and 17 respected Commentaries are integrated in this Bible app. Includes all the most popular modern translations as well as classics. Many features, including the ability to search, navigate and email. You can edit themes, size and colors to suite your eyes and lighting..

It truely is mega. A great tool.

Thomas Dear

Mega Bible Dictionary

Define Every Word

Resources: All incl.

4001 important terms in the Bible are covered. As you study the 24 English Bibles included in the app, learn immediately the meaning and origin of key terms. Includes navigate, search and browse modes and full control over font and colors..

Great companion tool for my studies.

W. Wilson

Christian Book Library

46 Books in your pocket

Resources: All incl.

46 Classic and contempory Christian Books make up this library. Includes stylish navigation tools and an easy to use design.Included are 24 English Bibles in a sub-tool. Includes navigate, search and browse modes and full control over font and colors..

Nice to have a library of great book avaialble at any time.

Omar A Bushir

Bible Maps

All of them

Resources: All incl.

Every physical place in the Bible is mapped with detailed description, scripture references and a live, zoomable navigation control. Browse and search by name, area and chapter. Includes over 20 Bibles to provide related scripture. Full font, size, color and theme control..

Nice to be able to visualize locations in the Bible. Gives great perspective.

Sam Quantus

Names in the Bible with Maps

Every Name, Every Meaning

Resources: All incl.

All 2615 Bible Names of people, places and events are covered. Includes meanings of the name and related Bible maps when the name is a place or event. The maps have detailed descriptions. Includes search and browse modes and full control over font and colors..

Great tool.

J. Linersilt

Mega Bible Encyclopedia

A required tool for study

Resources: All incl.

Nearly 10,000 encyclopedia entries are detailed and linked to the Scriptures. Tools include search, browse, email, color & theme. Includes 23 popular english Bibles linked to the references. Everything is included, there is no need to pay for anything else..

Wow, thousands of peices of knowledge.

Lucas Hieldson

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