Yep, sometimes things don't go the right way, happens to us too. Here are some possible solutions to problems you might be having.

The download never started

Make sure you click the download link and that your internet is running. Also make sure that you have enabled Javascript. Firefox and Google Chrome are great browsers, try one of them if you have problems with Internet Explorer (yuck).

The download stops or fails to download correctly

If your internet drops or there is a data problem, try using another browser, or better still use a Download Manager. A good free Open Source one is found at

I've downloaded the CD, now what?

Right click the downloaded file and choose EXTRACT to put it onto your desktop. This will create a file with .ISO on the end. An ISO is just a single file that is an image of a CD.

Open your favourite CD burning software. Then from the burning software, go to the FILE menu and choose OPEN. Select the ISO file. You can then burn it.

I don't want to burn it, can I just install from the ISO?

Sure. You can ask Windows to mount the ISO. In essence it just creates a fake CD ROM drive and Windows thinks your ISO is a CD. Here's how. You can get free ISO mounting software too.

How do I teach my kid how to bike?

I used the NYC Parks Dept method. Worked in three 1/2 hour sessions and I never had to do anything but watch. My 5 year old did everything themselves. Really.

I need to talk to someone

We love our users. Contact us and we'll help you thru any problems you might have.

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